About me

My name is Hermina  and this is one of my dreams that is coming true.

Here’s why:
I have enjoyed arts since I was a child, always drawing and painting near my mum, who was very happy that her daughter was following in her’s steps. From a young age I have wanted to own my art business, to live as an artist, putting the colourful  beauty of  nature onto canvas.

For one year, in my highschool, I took painting lessons from the professionist painter Lucian Cioata.
At the age of 20 I started to work as a carpet designer for Berdj Abadjian, fouder and owner of Abadjian Collection Inc. based in the United States. He was a renowned antique carpet expert and designer. For thirteen years I have designed carpets, I have selected the coloured wool and I have lived intensely near a carpet poet – Mr Berdj Abadjian.


He was a very inspiring man, full of passion, in love with his carpets and he really lived his life like a candle in the wind.
In 2008 he passed away. I pay him an homage here.

After my carpet experience I began to study Psychology. But my love for art and painting was still in my heart.
I started to paint some paintings for my friends. They were very enthusiastic and happy. This gave me courage, so I began to sell some paintings.

Work in progress - tulips
After a while I started selling  greeting cards.
One day, I had an idea … wouldn’t it be nice to paint wedding cards, to make handmade invites and cards?

And this is how  my dream started  coming true. I now make handmade wedding stationery, painted greeting cards and also sell my paintings to art lovers.

That is, in short, my story. You can see the rest on this site.

Thank you for your visit!